How to Get Unstuck in Less Than an Hour

How to Get Unstuck in Less Than an Hour

It's simple and I'll show you in 5 easy steps

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Here are the Steps

  1. Be sure you have a Google Account

  2. To reduce mind clutter, these instructions are limited to setting up via browser (not App).

  3. Go to

    1. This is google/calendar/tasks
  4. Click Create

    1. This is your first task. For "Add title" create the message that you want to see in the notification.

      1. For example: "Good morning Lanie! Let's get going!"

      2. Make the title a fun motivational message that would get your attention.

    2. Click Repeat and set the Time of Day that you want to be notified.

      1. Here you will have the option to choose which days
    3. Description not required, leave blank for now.

    4. Choose a List

      1. This is a list that you created. For example: "Lanie's Daily Habits".
    5. Click Save.

    6. Repeat Steps 3 to 5 for as many reminders you want to set.

      1. I suggest setting as many reminders as you can think of an fill up your day. You can make adjustments later.
    7. Pat yourself on the back! You just completed the most important task for today! Please reach out to me if you have any questions, I am here to help you succeed. If requested, I will write a longer article with a deeper dive on the topic (6 minute read instead of 2).

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